You know what “video on demand” is. Now you’ll also have “cinema on demand”. For the first time in Denmark it’ll be possible to create and organize your own show at a cinema. We have developed a system, where you can choose a film you want to watch and when you want to watch it – in the movie theater. You create the show and buy the tickets on the front page of – it’ll look like this:

It’s quite easy and is a lot like buying a regular ticket for the movie theater. Create your own show now, or read further instructions below.


Buying a ticket to a DOXBIO ON DEMAND show is just as easy as buying a ticket to any other show. You do as you would do normally, when you have to buy a ticket to the movie theater:

1. Choose a film
2. Choose a movie theater and a time
3. Buy a ticket

You can create your own show or buy tickets to a show someone else has already created. The available timeslots, where you can create a show, are white. If a show has already been created, it will be purple.

Are you the first person to buy a ticket to a show, you will be the creater and it’s you that gets to decide if there’s going to be any additional events (read about creating events for your show below). Afterwards, the ticket sale is open for others.

If a show is going to become a reality, enough tickets will have to be sold to a specific date. And don’t worry: if you buy a ticket to a show and it ends up not getting shown, you’ll automatically get your money back.

To make sure the film you choose will be shown in the cinema, you can invite enough people to buy tickets. You’ll receive links from us that’ll make it easy to share the show information with your friends or others, you think would like to see the film.


If there’s an opportunity to get an event attached to the show it’ll be shown what the price of that might be.

You’ll have an opportunity to create your own events for the show, you create. If you want to do that, click the purple button. That’ll open a mailbox to us at DOXBIO, where you can describe what you want to add to the show. If we assses that the event is also relevant for others, you will receive a confirmation via e-mail from us within two workdays.

DOXBIO sker med støtte fra bl.a.