19. November 2014

A love story between the heir to the largest circus in the Nordic countries and the daughter of one of the world’s best artist families. A film about love, families and duty.

The crown prince of Circus Arena, Patrick Berdino, and the beautiful circus artist Merrylu Castelly have become a couple. Ever since they were children, it has been their parents’ dream that the two of them should get together, and that the two of them should lead the largest circus dynasty on.
But the dream is threatened. It is hard to live up to the expectations of the circus world when you’ve just turned 20. And who knows if the love between the young couple, and the close relation between the families can withstand that time changes – even in a world where old traditions and norms rule.

Director: Anders Riis-Hansen
Producer: Hansen & Pedersen Film og fjernsyn
Country: Denmark 2014
Lenght: 90 min.

Freddy Neumann

Om instruktøren(-erne)
(født Denmark, 1963)

Anders Riis-Hansen has worked as both producer, editor and director of documentaries. He has been behind several popular documentary films and series, such as Høje Historie, Drengene fra Vollsmose, Fødegangen, and Blekingegadebanden, for which he won a Bodil in 2010. He has been documentary editor at Danish Broadcasting Corporation several times, but since 2011, he’s devoted his time to the production in his own company Hansen & Pedersen Film and Television