1. November 2017

For the first time ever a film crew has been given access to the Danish female shelter Danner. Here we get a closer look at how women in safe surroundings develop the courage and find the strength to rise from the ashes. At Danner, the women gets to process their previous experiences, develop self-confidence and get the help they need to put an end to the violent relationship, that sent them to the shelter in the first place.

Mothers and children have retired to their rooms and everything is quiet. The night manager checks if all doors have been locked, and the volunteers that took calls from the emergency line during the night, pack their things and go home. Even though it is peaceful behind the safe walls of Danner, the lives of its residents is characterized by an emotional turmoil, a fear of what the future holds, grief and yearning for the love that has vanished. A deadly love, in whose name, the violence is committed against them. Day by day, step by step the personnel at Danner patiently helps the women process their experiences and restore their self-confidence, so they can create a new life for themselves and their children – without violence.

Each year 33.000 Danish women become victims of domestic abuse and each year 2.000 children join their mothers at the shelter.

Om instruktøren(-erne)
Christina Rosendahl (født Denmark, 1971)

Christina Rosendahl graduated at Super16 in 2004, but already had her breakthrough in 2002 with the film STJERNEKIGGER, a documentary about the band Swan Lee. Rosendahl’s passion for children and young adults can be seen in several short films of hers, but also in her feature lenght film debut TRIPPLE DATE. Rosendahl’s film THE IDEALIST from 2015 put the Thule case, a forgotten chapter in Danish history, on the map. VIOLENTLY IN LOVE is Rosendahl’s fourth documentary film.