The Visit – An Alien Encounter
2. September 2015

The film documents mankind’s first encounter with intelligent life from space – an encounter that has not yet taken place.

Since the invention of radio communication man has sent radio signals into space to make other civilizations aware of our existence. With exclusive access to the UN’s Office of Outer Space Affairs, military strategists, and experts from the world’s leading space research centres this documentary explores the first meeting with visitors from space. The confrontation between us and the “aliens” starts with the simple questions: Why are you here? How do you think?  What do you see in mankind that we do not see in ourselves.

The film is a journey into an extraterrestrial perspective that unveils mankind’s fears, hopes, and rituals and forces us to confront – not only alien forms of life – but also our own self perception.

“The Visit dares to go where no sci-fi film has gone before”
Huffington Post

Director: Michael Madsen
Producer: Magic Hour Films
Country of origin: Denmark, 2015
Length: 83 minuts
Language: English with Danish subtitles
Original title: The Visit

Om instruktøren(-erne)
(født Denmark, 1971)

Michael Madsen has received multiple international awards and his films include the titles INTO ETERNITY (2010), TO DAMASCUS – A FILM ON INTERPRETATION (2005) and HALDEN PRISON (3D) (2014). Michael Madsen is behind multiple of Copenhagen’s most renewing art projects.  He is a guest lecturer at danish and international culture and educational institutions with ‘Workshop For Individuals With Absolutely No Idea For A Film’ amongst others.


Michael Madsen


Chris Welch

Professor i Space Engineering, International Space University

Michael Linden-Vørnle


Mads Brügger