6. June 2018

An adventurous family chronicle about horses, women, spies, kings and the art of wiggling your ears.

Michael and his father, the former lord chamberlain Søren Haslund-Christensen, are in the attic to find hidden treasures from the past. Grandpa Henning was a famous explorer and heritage collector among Mongolian tribes and Michael heard rumours that Henning lived a secret double life as a British spy and weapons-smuggler. Now he wants to find out if it’s true. He also wants time with his father, because Søren’s health is fading and time is limited.

He manages to allure his father along on an adventure – as they have been so many previous times in their life – into to the footsteps of the grandfather back in time to a story of love, deprivation and a grand espionage conspiracy that involves both grandfather Henning and the mighty empires’ battle for world domination.

Director: Andreas Dalsgaard
Production company: Haslund Film
Country: Denmark
Duration: 1 hour and 35 min.
Language: Danish