The Good Life
2. February 2011

Its hard to be poor, when you were born rich

Two women, mother and daughter, Mette 87 and Anne Mette 56, live in a little Portuguese village. They have been exceptionally wealthy all their lives and have relished the good life. There has been ample pleasure and a total absence of work. Now, however, they have one big problem. Their wealth has run out. How do they now cope with a life of poverty after having been born into wealth? How do they manage to find a job and keep it, when nobody in the family has ever worked? And who is to blame now that the sweet and dreamy life has turned into a nightmare?
(Text by The Danish Film Institute)

To be shown in conjunction with a live-transmitted webcast presented by moderator Mette Vibe Utzon. Our panel: Birgitte Possing, Jette Meier Carlsen and the director Eva Mulvad, will be discussing the portrait genre. The audience will have the opportunity to participate in the debate by asking questions via SMS.


Director: Eva Mulvad
Country: Denmark, 2010
Expected duration: 83 minutes


Om instruktøren(-erne)
Eva Mulvad (født Denmark, 1972)

Eva Mulvad is a Danish award winning documentary director. She graduated from the National Film School of Denmark in 2001 and has already been making documentaries for television since 1997. She has notably received IDFAs Silver Wolf Award in Amsterdam and the World Cinema Jury Prize at the Sundance Festival for Enemies of Happiness (2006).


Eva Mulvad

Birgitte Possing

Jette Meier Carlsen
Journalist og forfatter

Mette Vibe Utzon