3. October 2018
A movie about a feminist icon and a, at once, strong but also fragile life.
Gudrun Schyman has often found herself in the eye of the storm. In 1993 she became party leader for Vänsterpartiet in Sweden, which she secured the best election result ever. 10 years later she had to step down under great drama. She then formed the Feminist Initiative, which started as a movement and became a party that now has branches across the country, sister parties in Denmark, Norway and Finland and a seat in the European Parliament. Schyman has made history and today she is an icon of Swedish feminism.

But the journey has not only been long but also full of obstacles, and her own demons some of the biggest. We get an insight into what has formed Gudrun Schyman, among other things, an upbringing with an alcoholic father and her problems of getting the private person and public person to meet. The film follows her over a period of 4 years (2014-2018), where the Feminist Initiative progresses and Schyman’s appeal becomes part of the bigger picture of the women’s movement, that grows worldwide with especially Women’s March and #Metoo.


Premier date 3 October 2018

Title: The Feminist
Director: Hampus Linder
Country: Sweden
Duration: 1 hour and 31 min.
Language: Swedish with Danish subtitle