Natural Disorder
7. October 2015

Does it have at price when science defies evolution?

We live in a world of perfect, flawless and fully functioning people. With genetic engineering we track and discard the unwanted and imperfect.

Journalist and comedian Jacob Nossell suffers from cerebral palsy. Already from birth he should have been discarded, both by scientist and by his parents. Now he is in fact a burden for the economy and at best an interesting study. With an intact intellect trapped in a weakened shell, he is himself the embodiment of a dilemma of normality; he is too handicapped to be normal and too normal to accept himself as disabled.

In his quest to understand his own destiny he sets out to challenge the concept of normality and his own inability. He wants to show that his life is worth living. Jacob therefore throws himself into an autobiographical play with the goal to fill the Royal Theatre and receive the audience’s ovation while he puts himself at risk.

The film follows Jacob Nossell’s tour de force in his search for the answer of life for him and his “fellow speciemen”  among family, scientist and the public, but he is forced to realize his own limitations when he is knocked down by fate and bus route 1A.

Director: Christian Sønderby Jepsen
Producer: Moving Documentary
Country of origin: Denmark
Length: 95 minutes
Language: Danish with English subtitles
Original title: Naturens Uorden

Om instruktøren(-erne)
(født Denmark, 1977)

Christian Sønderby Jepsen had his first major breakthrough as a director with the movie TESTAMENTET, that won the DANISH:DOX award in 2011  and a Bodil award in 2012. In 2013 he had success with BLODETS BÅND which stirred up the debate about social habitus and social inheritance. Both movies had were first premiered by DOXBIO. Christian Sønderby Jepsen owns Moving Documentary together with Mira Jargil.