Michelin Stars
4. October 2017

Guide Michelin has existed for 117 years and has awarded stars since the 1930s. It still remains the world’s bible of food, which all chefs – if they’re being truthful – measure themselves against. But why does the guide have so much power?

MICHELIN STARS gives a comprehensive, honest and relevant look into the investments and sacrifices a restaurant must make to receive a Michelin-star. The film goes in depth with some of the best chefs in the world and serves an exquisite menu of restaurants and experts, seasoned with an eye-opening look at the strenghts and weaknesses of the famous guide.

Om instruktøren(-erne)
Rasmus Dinesen (født Denmark, 1971)

Rasmus Dinesen (b. 1971) is a graduate from The European Film College in 1998. He started in advertising for B&WFILM and made his first documentary THE FORBIDDEN TEAM in 2003 about the first national Tibetan soccer team. In 2011 Dinesen followed the Danish Michelin chef Rasmus Kofoed (Geranium) in the film THE WORLD’S FINEST CHEF. The film naturally set the stage for a tv show, STJERNEKOKKE, which portrayed the inner workings of Michelin restaurants and the launch of Guide Michelin in the Nordic cities. In 2016 Dinesen made HUGO & ALL THAT JAZZ, a heartfelt portrayal of jazz legend Hugo Rasmussens final years. Rasmus Dinesen has a long list of advertising films, music videos and tv-productions on his resumé, and has furthermore been nominated for and won a number of film awards.