Man falls
11. November 2015

What happens when a world renowned artist loses his natur given abilities.

Director Anne Wivel has closely followed her friend, the painter Per Kirkeby, after he fell down a staircase and hurt his head. He had earlier overcome a brain hemorrhage and to strokes, but the fall on the staircase two years ago resulted in severe brain damage that prevents him from working. He has not only lost his mobility but also the ability to recognize colours and even his own works of art.

Beside filming and taking photos Anne Wivel is also present in the documentary as a co-conversationalist and follows Per Kirkeby as he struggles to return while at the same time recognizing his missing progress. For him it seems like there is a long road ahead for art is not only a question about painting something pretty and successful, the substantial lies in the transgression of good taste. It is this touch that the painter is missing.
The film does not only acquaint the viewer with the artist, but also his wife, his friends, and his artistic partners, but it absolute centers on the protagonist, Per Kirkeby, in an unusually vulnerable meeting with the director Anne Wivel and her camera. Everything – from the daily grind of rehabilitation to emotionally charged epiphanies – are soberly presented to the viewers

Director: Anne Wivel
Producer: Danish Documentary
Country of origin: Denmark
Length: 120 minuts
Sprog: Danish
Original title: Mand Falder

Om instruktøren(-erne)
Anne Wivel (født Denmark, 1945)

Anne Wivels directorial style is recognized by the sensibility that enables her to enter the personal realm of the characters she portrays. They all have a defining sobriety in their expressions, which at first can seem rather refreshing, but beneath it all a strong current and willingness to portray the distinct detail distorts the image. Her films projects an artistic view of the world and brings the viewer closer to strong characters, as in her newest critically acclaimed film, SVEND.