Jacob Holdt: My life in pictures
5. October 2016

A film portrait of a Danish legend.
Author, photographer and the man behind the iconic AMERICAN PICTURES.
This film follows closely the man Jacob Holdt, who has reached a point in his life where it is time to dive into the past and take a look at his rather eventful life.

Jacob Holdt’s yes- philosophy gave him the greatest love of his life, USA.

The young vicar meets the Ku Klux Klan, murderers and the blacks from the bottom of the American dream. Holdt’s fearless approach to life led him out of the struggle to transform racial hatred to love. But, what inner demons is it that drives the tramp from place to place?

This movie is a roadmovie, where Jacob Holdt takes us with him, when he confronts the sins of the past. It is embarrassing when long-forgotten secrets are revealed;  it is intoxicating when old flames suddenly ignites in passion, and it is brutal when death reaps in love’s garden.

Through archival we will also go back in time and see the imprint Jacob Holdt has given the world through American images, his travels and his ability to meet people with openness and love.

Director: Niels-Ole Rasmussen
Producers: Copenhagen Film & TV
Country: Denmark
Length: 1 hour and 30 minutes.
Language: Danish and English, with Danish subtitles.


About the director
Niels-Ole Rasmussen (Born: Denmark, 1962)

In addition to being a documentary filmmaker, Niels is also an author, and has written several fictional texts. His background is journalism among others, and has an education in Broadcast Journalism from City University of London.

AMERICAN PICTURES have inspired him to the travel industry, and he has filmed in over 35 countries. Niels-Ole Rasmussen is part of the production company Copenhagen Film & TV. This roadmovie is a tribute to AMERICAN PICTURES, the journey, adventure and love.