Into The Abyss
4. April 2012

A tale of death, a tale of life

9 years ago, two teenagers from Texas wanted to drive a red Camaro. They killed 3 people as they stole it. Jason Burkett was sentenced to life and Michael Perry got death penalty. Herzog speaks with Michael 8 days before his execution. With Jason and the wife he has married in prison. With Jason’s father, Delbert Burkett, who also sits in imprisonment. With the relatives of the murdered and an executioner, who after 125 executions can’t take care of his job anymore.

The movie is a glimse into the abyss of the human soul and wherever you look, a new dark pit opens.

Werner Herzog was introducing his film for our audience in 50 danish cinemas on April, 2012! Live from LA via Skype.


“Is among Herzog’s best films. Can be seen as the cinematic
equivalent of Truman Capote’s “In Cold Blood”
Allan Hunter, Screen International

“Ekstraordinær. A somber study of topics of death, violence, and time.”
A.O. Scott, The New York Times.


Production: Creative Differences and Skellig Rock in collabration with Spring Films and Werner Herzog Film.
Country: Germany/Canada 2011
Length: 107 minutes
Language: English. Danish subtitles.

Om instruktøren(-erne)
Werner Herzog (født Germany, 1942)

Werner Herzog is a german filmmaker, producer, screenwriter, actor and opera director.
He is one of Germany’s most important filmmakers and has received a wide range of nominations and awards for his documentaries and fiction films. Among a numerous amount of films, he has directed “Aguirre, wrath of god” (1972), “Fitzcarraldo” (1982), “Grizzly Man” (2005) and “Cave of Forgotten Dreams” (2010).


Werner Herzog 

Marlene Schiött Rasmussen