28. February 2018

It can be necessary to visit the past, to have a good future.

17 years ago, Sven’s father, the ceramist Niels, was found frozen to death in a snowdrift only few kilometres from their home. Near the body lay a bottle of vodka. The tragic death was the end of an intense life with big ups and downs.

Sven and his younger brother Emile have tried putting their upbringing with the strongly alcoholised father behind them, but something is drawing Sven back in. He finds a box of letters, casts and mysterious sound recordings that his father left behind and despite his family’s warnings, he starts digging in the past.

Sven has a strong desire to confront his father with his let-down, but how do you do that when he is dead? He tries to bring him back to life in different ways and in the end, he hires an actor to give his father a body, in order for him to recreate episodes from his childhood.  Along the way the great question Sven must ask himself is, if he unknowingly has continued his fathers inner struggle and is on the way to follow in his footsteps?

Director: Sven Vinge
Production company: House of Real
Country: Denmark
Duration: 1 hour and 18 min.
Language: Danish