4. October 2017

HOBBYHORSE REVOLUTION is an amusing and moving film that follows the three young girls Aisku, Elsa and Alisa, whose lives have been changed by their new hobby, hobbyhorses. They create their colourful and imaginative horses themselves. These horses all have names and their own personality. They engage in online communities, they train outdoor in parks and forests, they compete in national tournaments in hobbyhorse riding – and they all take it very seriously.

Despite public humiliation and a lack of understanding from their surroundings, the girls bravely continue to partake in their passion for hobbyhorses. Through their passion this strong community centered around hobbyhorses, they help each other find their place in a world, where it isn’t always easy being young and different.

Today’s Finnish teenagers have thrown their love at a traditional children’s game and taken it to a whole new level. For the past ten years hobbyhorse riding has become an international phenomenon and a lifestyle for thousands of young people. The hobbyhorse epidemic is currently spreading to Denmark as well.

The film can be booked via DOXBIO ON DEMAND, where it is possible to book events on specific dates in the shape of hobbyhorse workshops, where you have the chance to create your very own hobbyhorse. We encourage all hobbyhorse enthusiasts to use this showing of the film as an opportunity to arrange your own hobbyhorse tournaments.

Om instruktøren(-erne)
Selma Vilhunen (født , 1976)

Selma Vilhunen is an Oscar-nominated director and script writer from Helsinki. She graduated from the University of Turku, and her work as a director include the documentary film SONG (2014), and the feature lenght film LITTLE WING (2016) and the short film DO I HAVE TO TAKE
CARE OF EVERYTHING? (2012), from which she received an Oscar-nomination. Additionally, Vilhunen is the founder and co-owner of the production company Tuffi Films.