End Of Days
16. November 2016

Ester and Hans are numbering their days and really love their life; they have spent nearly every awake hour of their life together and like so many other Danish couples they are now looking forward to their Golden Wedding Anniversary.

What makes this couple stand out is that they simoultaneously hope will never get to experience the big day.
Thing is, that Esther and Hans are “preppers” and preparing for doomsday with equal parts fear and longing.

Since 1972, Esther and Hans spent all available time studying and analysing the Bible in relation to all events in the world around them. To them the answer is clear: doomsday is near and the rapture could happen at any given moment.The couple have their rucksack packed and ready so they can survive in the Swedish wilderness when Armageddon comes.

Only problem is that the couple have been waiting for 40 years in vain. When Hans falls seriously ill, they must now face the fact that it may not be Earth that is facing an end but themselves.

About the Director
Christoffer Dreyer is a director and a documentary filmmaker. He is the man behind the documentary “En forening i modvind”(2006), the television series “Verdens Værste frisure” (2005), and the detective documentary series “En Detektiv i provinsen” (2012). Christoffer Dreyer is also an experienced television editor.