Ekstra Bladet – Off the Record
1. October 2014

The Danes love to have it. It has been accused of being borderless, immoral and unscrupulous. It is known for prying in the private lives of politicians and to never hesitate with delivering one front-page story after the other to become the newspaper the others talk about. But can we imagine a Denmark at all without Ekstra Bladet?

In this new documentary you get to follow the life of Ekstra Bladet’s editorial staff through one of the papers most turbulent years with catastrophic readership numbers and a long row of controversial agenda-setting cases.  From the common journalistic staff being pushed to deliver the daily front-page stories, to Poul Madsen in management who has to make the drastic decisions regarding the papers continued existence.

We get to see up close how the paper’s staff handles the many ethical dilemmas they face everyday. We see what it takes for news to make the front page and in the paper’s machine room we get to see the drastic death battle for the 110 years old paper play out – The question is: Will there be a place for Ekstra Bladet in the media image of tomorrow?

Judge yourself after seeing the movie.

Director: Mikala Krogh
Producer: Danish Documentary
Country: Denmark 2014
Length: 95 minutes
Language: Danish

Om instruktøren(-erne)
Mikala Krog (født Denmark, 1973)

Mikala Krogh graduated from The National Film School of Denmark, the documentary line in 2001 and is known for films like A Normal Life (2012), Cairo Garbage (2009), Everything Is Relative” Alt er relativt” (2008) “Min morfars border” (2004) and others

© Director Portrait: Manuel Claro

Poul Madsen, Chefredaktør på Ekstra Bladet

Mette Davidsen-Nielsen, Direktør for Dagbladet Information

Mikala Krogh, Instruktør på Ekstra Bladet uden for citat

Ida AukenFolketingsmedlem, Radikale Venstre

Jimmy Maymann, direktør fra Huffington Post, direkte på skypelink fra New York

Thomas Buch-Andersen, DR Detektor-vært