25. November 2015

A Portrait of one of Denmark’s wildest authors.

Jakob Ejersbo wrote with his “dirty realism” of young people who lose their footing and discovers that their parents do not understand a damn thing. In 2003, he extraordinary received The golden laurels, a critically acclaimed award, for his first novel Nordkraft, for which the committee said: ‘Your talent is so great and undeniable that there is no reason to wait for several novels before you receive the award’. Five years later Ejersbo was dead.

In Ejersbo the author’s two best friends defies cigarettes and a lot of sense to settle Jakob Ejersbo last wish; to spread his ashes from Kilimanjaro’s peak. Jakob Ejersbo lived his early childhood in Africa, which shafa

ped him and pursued him throughout life. Along the way, friends, family and colleagues tells about the reckless and stubborn loner’s otherwise fairly private life.

The characters from Ejersbo books are brought to life and interferes in the story of what life as an artist costs, if – like Jacob did – they throw themselves uncompromisingly into it. Jakob Ejersbo wrote with death at his heels and sacrificed everything else to complete the work he had always wanted to write:  The Africa Trilogy.

The film will premiere the same month as the story of Jacob Ejersbo life, “JAKOB VAR HER”, is published. The biography is written by Rune Skyum-Nielsen. The film’s director Christian Holten Bonke and Rune Skyum-Nielsen has along the way traveled and researched in interaction, both in Africa, Denmark and Europe.

Director: Christian Holten Bonke
Producer: Bonke Film
Country of origin: Danmark
Length: 75 minutes
Language: Danish
Original title: Ejersbo

Om instruktøren(-erne)
(født Denmark, 1973)

Christian Holten Bonke has a background in the music industry and is a graduate of the National Film School of Denmark’s documentary course since 2005. Since then he has directed DEN FØRSTE KÆRLIGHED, REAL ESTATE and BALLROOM DANCER. The former was a part of DOXBIO’s programme in 2012 and has won multiple awards on multiple film festivals such as Best Documentary awarded at Nordic Panorama, and a special mention at Tribeca Film Festival