6. September 2017

In her new film, the accomplished Norwegian film director Margreth Olin, shows what it looks like, when children gets to do what they do best: play – without regard to curricula’s and other study assignments.

Olin has followed the lives of children in a kindergarten located in a Norwegian forest for one year. The film gives an intimate look at the children, while they’re in the midst of shaping themselves. They’re surrounded by nature, love and creativity. Had one forgotten how incredible children can be, CHILDHOOD will remind us of just that. At more than a few occasions, we get to witness the explorations and realizations of the children.

Olin stays behind the camera and lets the lives of children unfold without explanations or commentary from the adults on behalf of the children. Despite the observatory approach, the film still manages to become a quiet protest, that sets the stage for a debate about the increasingly focus on the fact that very young children has to acquire academic skills.

More than 40.000 people in the home country of Norway saw the film.

Om instruktøren(-erne)
Margreth Olin (født Norway, 1970)

Margreth Olin (born 1970) is a Norwegian film director and scriptwriter. She’s behind a long list of award winning films like DEI MJUKE HENDENE (1998) and KROPPEN MIN (2002). She received the Norwegian answer to the Oscar, the Amandapris, for both of those films. She has also directed the fictional film ENGELEN from 2009 with Maria Bonnevie in the lead role. Olin has a capability of causing debate and enthuse critics and attract audiences to the cinema, which she has previously done with the documentary MANNEN FRA SNÅSA (2016), which was shown on Danish TV by the title of MANDEN MED DE MAGISKE HÆNDER.