7. September 2016

Insects as food is one of the hottest topics these days. Especially after FN recommended insects as one of the resources of the future in the fight against world hunger. Chefs and gastronomes focus on the flavor of the insects, environmentalists talk about their environmentally sustainability, and health researchers on their nutritional advantages. It could seem that insects might be the new superfood and the solution to the global food supply challenges.

For three years a team of chefs and researchers from Nordic Food Lab, has traveled the world on a gastronomical adventure, to learn from the two billion people who’s already eating bugs and seeing termite queens, honey ants, poisonous hornets and grasshoppers as delicacies.

The gastronomes and researchers experiences raise a lot of questions. Will the industrially manufactured bugs be just as tasty and as beneficial as the ones from sustainable ecosystems and kitchens around the world? And will we ever be able to change the consumers view of bugs in the Western world?

Director: Andreas Johnsen
Producer: Danish Documentary and Rosforth
Country: Denmark
Duration: 1 hour 13 minutes
Language: English with Danish subtitles