Blodets Bånd
5. June 2013

Svend got 16 children.

Svend has 16 children. The four youngest is also Gittes children, from whom, Svend is getting a divorce after 28 years of turbulent marriage. At the same time, the youngest daughter, Christina, has decided to move away from home. But the family breakup opens up a number of questions  especially for Christina, who finds out that her family suffers from collective memory loss. This applies particularly to the forced removal of Christina and her siblings, which they feel has been completely unfair.

While Christina starts searching for the truth about her family, Svend decides to help her daughter and his own memory on the way. He applies at the municipality for acces to the familys official documents, and one day he receives a box filled with secrets that has been forgotten and repressed through years of booze and drugs.

Blodets Bånd/Ties of Blood is a film about failure, lies, and about a familys collective repressions. But it is also a film about love that conquers all. A film by the director of Testamentet ( The will), Christian Sønderby Jepsen, and the debutante Pernille Bervald Jørgensen.


Direction: Pernille Bervald Jørgensen & Christian Sønderby Jepsen
Production: Made in Copenhagen by Helle Faber
Country: Denmark 2013
Length: 90 minutes
Language: Danish


Om instruktøren(-erne)
Pernille Bervald Jørgensen (født Denmark, 1987)

Pernille Bervald Jørgensen born and raised in Hadsund. Pernille is a debut director, and  completed in June 2013 as a Tv-planner from the Danish School of Media and Journalism.
Co-directed with Christian Sønderby Jepsen on “Ties of blood”.

Christian Sønderby Jepsen (født Denmark, 1977)

Director Christian Sønderby Jepsen did his first feature length film “The will” in 2012. He is educated from The Danish Film Institute in 2007, where he graduated with the award winning and highly acclaimed “Side by side”. 2013 “Ties of blood” ( Blodets bånd) Co-directed with Pernille Bervald Jørgensen.


Henrik Appel
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Bettina Smed
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