Amateurs in Space
2. November 2016

Two friends, a space rocket and a boyhood dream.

AMATEURS IN SPACE is a story about Kristian Von Bengtson and Peter Madsen, and their mutual boyhood dream to travel into space, in their own rocket. If it succeeds, will they not only make Denmark into the space power like the United States, Russia and China, they will also write themselves into the worlds history books, as the first amateurs to implement a staffed space mission.

Supported by donors and volunteers, Kristian and Peter are working towards realizing the dream with great commitment and a small amount of funds. They will prove that space is not only reserved for large nations, but also can be explored by «ordinary people».

It is a film about courage and humankind continual striving forward and upward. It is the story of the biggest dream in human time, and how they in their own way, can make it come true. But the two enthusiasts must realize that even small obstacles can slow down big visions. The cooperation between the two friends turns bad and they become each other’s worst opponents in the race for space.

Director: Max Kestner
Producer: Danish Documentary
Country: Denmark
Length: 1 Hour and 20 minutes.
Language: Danish

About the Director
Max Kestner (Born: Denmark, 1969)

Max Kestner has an education from the National Film School of Denmark, 1997 (Den Danske Filmskole)He has made several documentaries in feature film length, and has won several awards, among them three Robert Awards.

His «REJSEN PÅ OPHAVET» (Max by chance, film by Max Kestner), had international premiere at IDFA in Amsterdam, and won best short documentary at CPH:DOX in 2004. Max Kestner has also worked for DR-TV and teaches regularly at the Danish film school.