4. October 2017

Does our eternal pursuit for success and perfectionism bring us closer to happiness? In her new film, Eva Mulvad portrays the young prominent violinist, Charlie Siem. Siem has everything: success as a classical musician and fame as an international model. It all seems like the perfect life. However, behind the glamorous facade we meet a man, who’s trying to navigate the endless possibilities that he’s faced with. How do you become the ultimate version of yourself? And when is what you’ve accomplished enough?

The film is a timely portrait of the 21st century modern man. An existential journey in a world of expectations and choices. A story about us – the rich and independent – who seems to have it all, but who are always looking for more.

The film can be booked via DOXBIO ON DEMAND, where it is possible to book events on specific dates with Eva Mulvad and sociologist Emilia van Hauen, who invites the audience to a chat about the meaning of life and the psychological challenges, that characterizes the times we’re living in. Does our ambitions create a tyranny of success? And does our expectations of perfection cause us to become lonely?

Om instruktøren(-erne)
Eva Mulvad (født Denmark, 1972)

Eva Mulvad is a Danish award winning documentary director. She graduated from the National Film School of Denmark in 2001 and has already been making documentaries for television since 1997. She has notably received IDFAs Silver Wolf Award in Amsterdam and the World Cinema Jury Prize at the Sundance Festival for Enemies of Happiness (2006).