17. November 2010

A Documentary about the Danish singer/songwriter Tommy Seebach, his life and career told by the people who knew him best, his friends and family.

The film portrays a sensitive, complex and fragmented person who was known as King of the Eurovision Song Contest in Denmark; Tommy Seebach. Featuring many of Seebach’s private videos as well as television clips and interviews with his widow, children and colleagues in the industry, it documents his public performances and private life, focusing both on his successes and his personal demise.

TOMMY received four stars out of six by Politiken, Berlingske Tidende and Ekstra Bladet. BT awarded it six stars out of six. Dagbladet Information described it as “… a story of an artist who became a victim of the musical genre which he himself had helped innovate, and who, in stead of gaining the broad recognition he had longed for his entire life, ended up with a status somewhere in between national heritage and kitsch clown…” Politiken called the film “worthy, worth seeing and moving”, Ekstra Bladet “a moving portrait of a man caught between the music, his family and the bottle”.

Director: Sami Saif
Producer: Peter Bach, R-Film ApS
Country: Denmark, 2010
Length: 80 min.
Language: Danish

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