Moon Rider
5. September 2012

Drive till you die

We recognise champions at their pinnacle. But what does it take to get them there? Moon Rider looks inside the mental and physical struggle of young Danish cyclist Rasmus Quaade to become a professional rider. Shot on stunning super8, the beauty and the torment of the lonely world of cycling is caught at every turn.

Moon Rider is a coming-of-age story about the bike rider Rasmus Quaade. The film follows young Rasmus’ struggle to become a professional rider, a rough and winding road through hell and back. Shot on fragile Super8 and raw helmet-cam, it is a journey seen from the inside of a young man’s head – it is a personal story entrusted to the spectator by Rasmus himself from his intimate diary. Rasmus has proven to have an extra ordinary talent for riding, but even if Rasmus’ physical abilities are extra ordinary and build for cycling, his mind is build for thinking. His constant reflections about life and death becomes his biggest obstacle in reaching his goal of becoming a World Champion. In order to win, he has to empty his head completely, but how do you clear your head, when every thought is a step in the wrong direction? The film paints an honest and heartbreaking picture of the extreme and lonely life of a young championship rider. © Copyright: Level K

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