Ballroom Dancer
2. September 2012

Ballroom Dancer is the story of Slavik Kryklyvyy, a former World Latin American Dance Champion, as he tries to make a comeback after ten years.

Slavik Kryklyvyy, a once legendary World Latin American Dance Champion, has been out of the spotlight for ten years but is determined, with the help of a new partner, to recapture his former glory. Slavik is a temperamental and wildly talented perfectionist, taken out of the spotlight by a hip injury, and he is willing to sacrifice everything to get back to the top. He expects nothing but the best from his amateur world champion girlfriend, Anna Melnikova, and his temper flares when she fails to live up to his high standards.

The couple dance around the world, clinging on to their relationship as the pressure mounts and waging a battle against memory, anxiety, injury and envy along the way. Looking at the glamorous world of ballroom dancing contrasted with the brutal and tough discipline which hides beneath the glittery surface, ‘Ballroom dancer’ watches the tragic love story unfold between Slavik and Anna. It’s a universal story of a man, who allows himself to be defined by his art and tragically realises the consequences of his uncompromising choices in life. 

Directors: Christian Bonke, Andreas Koefoed
Lenght: 85 min.
Country : Denmark 2011
Editor: Åsa Mossberg, Marion Tuor
Producer: Jakob Nordenhof Jønck  Executive producer: Sigrid Dyekjær, Eva Mulvad


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