5. November 2014
1989 is a great political drama about the fall of the Iron Curtain. The young, unknown technocrat Miklós Németh was appointed Hungary’s new prime minister that was going to focus on restoring the country’s faltering economy. Németh quickly decides to abandon Hungary’s comprehensive and expensive border control – the western Iron Curtain. It’s a decision that results in Németh receiving mighty enemies, among them the Hungarian hard-line communists and the state leaders of the Eastern Bloc.
A young Eastern Germany couple gets word like thousands of other Eastern Germans about Németh’s decision and decides to try and escape through the Western Hungary, where the border will be completely open for a short period of time, in the hopes of getting to the West.
However, the couple is caught in the political game of power that is taking place behind closed doors in the Eastern Bloc. When they reach the border, it has been closed yet again, and the young man is shot to death. The tragic event gets Németh to open the border permanently, and shortly thereafter the Berlin Wall is torn down.
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